The sales tactics by the Banks to ensure all loans had an insurance attached was lucrative and enforce with glee by the Bank's advisors.

I took out a loan; I went into the bank looking for £1000, and came out with £5000. I had no full time job, but I was sold the need for a car, new clothes and "just incase" money. It was too easy!

We all know that PPI was a scam and a scandal now, but at the time I believe the advisors were maximising on an opportunity to up sell to me and their boss and the area manager can simply say "We were not aware" and move on.

The loans, credit cards, mortgages still exist for the public today, but so do bonuses and commission cheques for the staff. Managing these forces should not be left to those that directly benefit. I believe the most independent force that can align and enforce effective customer engagements and and support best practices is technology. 

The technology that comes to mind is operational process workflows - being able to map a process and record the engagements, tasks, activities, approvals and can support regulations and allow for monitoring, reporting and exception management. 

The audit trail means mistakes can be identified, customers contacted, apologies made and no one can deny their involvement!

With Banks paying out Billions this is a simple solution that would benefit the majority. 

If only the majority were in charge!