There is no doubt, the increase in digital channel consumption is here to stay, as the next, data savvy generation kicks in, pushing Customer Experience (CX) to new levels and  CX centre stage of CXO’s 5-year business plan. This challenge is felt no more than in Financial Services, where the constraints from legacy systems, married with changing regulatory and cultural change, the current silo CX approach creaks its way through the organisation and gives CXO the head ache of emulating a cohesive CX, whilst hampered in driving new CX strategies.

Of course this differs from Buy side, Wholesale and Sell side, but the key underlying challenges remain the same, and calls for a different approach in managing the technology platforms and solutions, that allow a collaborative designs / architecture between IT, Operations and Business and calls, current approach into question.  Clearly this is a queue for innovative FinTech to exploit white space and be competitive in solution building and even take some market share from incumbent institutions.