The buzz around internet of things (IoT) has never been stronger. Of course, a lot of attention in the CRM industry is being paid to IoT, but for many, right now it is still a lot of lip service. 

There are a lot of issues that can bar a successful combined IoT/CRM strategy. And the technical obstacles are only the beginning. After all, setting up a data feed into a CRM from a connected device or network isn;t all that hard. The hard part, really, is filtering the data so that it offers up not only insights, but actions CRM users can take to better the customer experience, advance customers along their journey, etc. 

So, when building out a portion of your CRM strategy which includes connected devices, sensor data, etc. - be sure to take a long time to think of the use case, understand what contextual data will help make even more sense of the sensor data (pun intended?) and drive insightful action for the human at the other end of the screen.