As this VentureBeat article implies - "app fatigue" may be a real thing, and the bulkiness of apps, and the pain of downloading, maintaining, etc. dozens of apps may leave mobile consumers hungry for an alternative.

In the CRM world, I think we're facing a similar issue. The legacy concept of mobile CRM is far too simplistic and rigid for today's user. App stores create bottlenecks, and the data silos in separate "clouds" of CRM tools make extracting true intelligence in a mobile format difficult. 

We are trying to change that, by making far more nimble and modular aspects of the mobile platform available to developers and users alike. The idea is to make far more consumable, purpose driven and intelligence laden mobile experiences, stemming from a more singular CRM platform (which acts as a more central customer data hub).

As a company and an industry, we are just scratching the surface here - but I am excited about the potential outcomes of this type of innovation.