Loved this article warning that municipalities and really, governments of all sizes have to be careful when it comes to IoT-driven "smart city" initiatives. 

Taking a piecemeal approach is dangerous, as a proliferation of systems and projects will increase costs, overhead, complexity, and generate silos that will undermine the overall intentions of smart city initiatives in the first place.

The same rings true for an IoT initiative in my opinion. By jumping on short-term projects without a platform vision in place, danger can lie ahead. Focus on a few use cases, or a single deliverable at a time, without an underlying platform strategy will lead to a lot of wasted efforts and dollars, since re-designs and re-architecting will almost undoubtedly occur.

Sure, there's a bit of first mover danger here since it is such a nascent concept. But by choosing a long term vision, building on open, scalable platforms - an early adopter IoT strategy need not be a case of painting oneself into a corner.