I’m very excited that Virgin Mobile has selected SugarCRM to underpin the way it will delivery of great experiences to its customers and build long-lasting, engaging customer relationships.

Virgin is a brand that is famous for focusing on its customers and their experiences. It’s interesting (and important) that they selected SugarCRM because they needed a “modern and innovative CRM” that would help Virgin engage with customers in new and innovative ways.

Telco is a highly competitive industry sector that relies heavily on brand reputation in an otherwise highly commoditised market. And in a sector where most of Virgin’s competitors still have a pretty ordinary reputation, Virgin continues to invest in their customer relationships to take them to an even higher level.

The challenge for modern brands is that the standard for customer experience is always getting higher.  Businesses are no longer compared against the best companies in their sector but are being compared against the best companies in every sector. 

CRM systems underpin the orchestration of great customer experiences.  A CRM that doesn’t have the flexibility to create the customer experience you want to deliver will put any business at a competitive disadvantage.