Lots of news buzzing about the new Facebook at Work, which has the social media giant bumping into the workplace collaboration game. 

The space is somewhat mature, with everyone from startups like Box, Jive and Slack, to entrenched players like Microsoft (Yammer, Sharepoint, LinkedIn), Google and even Oracle vying for chunks of the collaboration pie. 

While a lot of the enterprise space has been attacked by the likes of Jive, Lithium, Slack, Sharepoint, etc. - Facebook's mantra of super intuitive UX and simple brand identity could help it penetrate the SMB market with simple, very cost effective collab tools. 

And, since it has cash coming in from its other operations, it can probably outlast a lot of the smaller guys struggling to gain share in this market. 

However, the fact is - many may just see Facebook as "Facebook," the place for personal social sharing and interaction. Facebook was able to monetize its ad revenue stream easily, but selling per-user licenses in a subscription model might prove more difficult, unless new teams are well recruited from businesses that have already aced the SMB SaaS game.