Leading CMS provider Sitecore survey 800 Marketing and IT professionals and found the 42% of respondents revenue came through online channels, only 14% of budgets were spent on the customer experience.  The findings suggest that many brands are too narrowly focused on the purchase transaction at the expense of the entire customer journey.  Less than a quarter prioritising post-purchase and less than a third seeing pre-purchase phases as most important.

The results didn’t indicate why this discrepancy, but in my experience, much of this is due to the nature of the siloed organisational structures.  Separate teams are responsible for demand generation, running the e-commerce platform and then post sales support. This separation of duties and more than likely different technology platforms run by each team, creates unnecessary discontinuities in the customer experience.  

Leading organisations know that customer experience is the primary driver for success, and that agile, flexible CRM technology provides the backbone from which orchestrate every interaction across the entire customer journey.