Let me begin by saying this isn't a political post. Instead, I'm going to focus on the value of clean data. No matter what side of the aisle you come down, I think you can agree something went terribly wrong with with the pre-election predictions. The reason, the forecasters we're working with incomplete data. Which, led to a shockingly inaccurate (at least according to what the data said) result. 

Relating this back to the CRM industry. If your CRM has inaccurate data, you will also get an inaccurate result. If you are dealing with dirty data, how can your CRM project be successful? How can your sales team perform at an optimal level? Once, dirty data enters the CRM, it can be painstaking to cleanse. 

Luckily, intelligent CRM can help by automatically bringing in a broad range of complementary accurate data for a more complete view of the customer. In so doing, the CRM solves a problem that has often been a stubborn obstacle to CRM adoption -- the time consuming effort of having to add, edit and update information in the system. Even more important than gathering a tremendous amount of accurate data, a product like Sugar Intelligence will predictive analytics to sift through the data to enable the CRM to make intelligent recommendations for insights and best actions to take when engaging with customers.